Automatic Transmission Fluid

Gen Ultima multipurpose ATF is provides outstanding oxidation resistance to withstand the locally high operating temperatures, a degree of fluidity that ensures easy operation in cold weather. It is closely controlled frictional behavior to ensure quiet, consistent and chatter-free take-up of power in the internal brakes and clutches. It is maintaining consistent lubrication performance and gear-change characteristics.

  • Provides stable viscosity properties.
  • Ensure smooth but rapid take up of power between the friction faces of the oil-immersed clutches and brakes.
  • Capable to remove frictional heat and cool the whole transmission unit.
  • Filled with the torque converter, which convey power from the engine to the gearbox.
  • Maximizes transmission life.
  • Combination of advanced friction modifiers and high viscosity index fluid provides smooth, fuel efficient gear shifting and shudder free torque transfer.
  • Specifically design for transmissions which feature slip controlled torque converter lock up, with precisely balanced friction modifiers to prevent stick slip vibration that leads to “shudder”.


Available Pack Size: 1 LT, 5 LT, 10 LT