Gen Ultima Greases are formulated for All Purpose use and well as Special Industrial requirements. It has great water resistance, good corrosion protection, excellent lubrication and great mechanical stability. Gen Ultima Greases is also well known for its durability, high viscosity. Looking the special requirements of industry, it is also critically designed to provide long lasting protection against oxidation, corrosion, extreme temperatures, wear and tear. Special variant has ability to withstand high pressure and shock loads.


  • Integrated with better water resistance, good corrosion protection and great mechanical stability.
  • Great pumpability which ease with which pressurized grease can flow through lines, nozzles and fittings of grease-dispensing systems.
  • Maintain superior consistency due to proper blending of thickener used and the viscosity of its base oil.
  • Excellent performance on roller and wheel bearings.
  • Provides longer service life.
  • Higher load bearing capacity.


Variant Availability in Pack Size
500 GMS 1 KGS 3 KGS 5 KGS 7 KGS 18 KGS
AP Grease
Chasis Grease
Long Run Grease ✓  
Long Life Gel Grease ✓